​​Greater Faith Ministries and Schools

Prayer Changes Things

Christian Education

At Greater Faith Ministries & Schools, the Word of God is taught as He has so instructed. You will get the tools you need to know how to use God's word in your daily life. In all your getting, get an understanding and don't perish because of a lack of knowledge. 

Sunday School                                                                                                                                     9:30am
The Christian Education Ministry is teaching many about God’s plan for kingdom building. Malaika DeBose, Alexis Pettaway and Sheena Pree teach the Youth.  Dr. Robinson and Felicia Jefferson teach adults, 17+ years old on alternate weeks.  Everyone is encouraged to attend to diligently seek after the knowledge of God's Word.

Sunday Morning Worship Service                                                                       11:00am
Welcome To God's House.  Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is the complete teaching of God's Word according to the Holy Bible.  We are a Full Gospel church that believes in the teaching of the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Dr. Robert Robinson brings our Sunday Morning Worship message for all to hear and enjoy.  Join us for a Word that may touch your heart.

Wednesday Night ZOOM Bible Study                                        7:00pm
Wednesday Night Bible Study is held every week beginning promptly at 7:00pm via Zoom meeting sharing. If you would likee to participate Bible Study, just download the Zoom app and tune in Wednesday night. The meeting ID login is: 9162682088 and the password is: 358414.  If you are calling from a landline, please call (253-215-8782, and follow login instructions. Dr. Robert F. Robinson, Sr. is the instructor.  It is a blessing to learn the Word of God, for the LORD is a rewarder of those who diligently seek after Him. Every week promises to teach you something.

Youth Ministry                                                                                  11:00am
Our Youth are the future leaders of the church and the world, so we teach them what God's Word says and how it can work for them in their daily lives if you serve Him.  Each Sunday during our Sunday Morning Worship Service, our Youth present to the church what they have learned in their Youth Ministry class. These teachings prepare them for the world and how to live in a secular world as a child of God.  Their Christian Education is held as Youth Church every Sunday Morning.
  Every month on the 2nd Sunday, our young girls meet to discuss some of the challenges they are facing on a daily basis.  There are temptations, influences and battles that our youth are faced with and in their meetings they have the opportunity to speak out about it, so they may get healed and hopefully help someone else who may be experiencing the same thing to get a breakthrough and to know that they are not alone. They will be taught biblical principles to help them to spiritually stand against the attacks of the enemy.

Men's Ministry                                                                 2nd Sunday @ 9:30am

Every month, the Men of Greater Faith come together in fellowship to share the Word of God with one another. Every Man, no matter what position he holds in life, needs to be a help to other men who may be facing struggles or difficult situations each day in their lives.  Under the leadership of Dr. Robinson, the Men have an opportunity to get the help they need and get answers to some of life's questions.  Fellowship between men helps to build character, respect and self esteem.  All Men are welcome to attend and join the group.

​​Brotherhood & Minister's  Ministry                                         4th Sunday @ 9:30am
Our Brotherhood and Deacon's hold a significant place in the heart of our Ministry.  Through the teaching and instruction of Dr. Robinson, he guides the Men in the direction they should go to show themselves a Man in the eyes of the Lord according to His Word.  There is more to being a Man than just being born a male.  A respectable Christian Man learns his model behavior on being a Christian Man of the Church.  He learns how to uphold the guidelines of the church, how to stand behind our Pastor and to take care of God's house.  Oh how Blessed it is to be a Christian Man.