​​Greater Faith Ministries and Schools

Prayer Changes Things

The GFM Usher Board - The Ushers of Greater Faith Ministries and Schools are proud gatekeepers in God's House.  Our Ushers are there to greet each and every person that comes through the doors.  It is the Usher that sets the tone of the church folk.  Our Ushers not only keep the door, but they are ministers of the Gospel themselves.  Several of our Ushers have been called upon to bring the Word of God in a short exhortation or two. The Ushers of Greater Faith celebrate their position with an Annual Usher Day each year.  When they are not seating folks, handing out tissues, programs or blessing the sanctuary, they are in the kitchen baking up something delicious to sell at their Usher Board Sweet Sale.  Our Ushers stay busy all year round and are glad to be keepers of God's Doors.

The Usher Board