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GFM Departments

GFM Administration - The Administration Dept. at Greater Faith is here to serve you.  If you are interested in any activity, spiritual ceremony, event or Ministry service at Greater Faith or would like to schedule one, please reach out to the members of the church office or contact us through the "Contact Us at GFM" page listed at the top of this website. If you are interested in the scheduling of Dr. Robinson, reaching out to have the Pastor speak at your worship service or event, or would like to invite the church out, please contact the church office or contact us through the "Contact Us at GFM" page listed at the top of this website for information about availability. 


GFM Gift Committee - Our Gift Committee, established by First Lady Rosa Robinson, handles all of our Gift giving needs for our special guests that fellowship with us for our extended services.  Her exquisite taste for fine gifts has truly blessed those who have received gifts from Greater Faith.          

GFM Men's Ministry - The Men of Greater Faith come together every 2nd Sunday to discuss issues that relate to Men and Men only.  These meetings allow the men to express themselves about how to be the Man of their homes and what is it to be a Man of God living in these very open and fragile times.  Men need direction from when it comes to serving God and how to balance that in their daily lives.

About Greater Faith Ministries

Greater Faith Ministries is a Full Gospel Spiritual Church.  Under the Pastorialship of Dr. Robert F. Robinson, Sr. GFM offers an opportunity for anyone who is seeking salvation from the Lord.  At Greater Faith we glorify the LORD and bless His Holy Name. Dr. Robinson is a Preacher who teaches the Word of God in ways for you to understand and apply it to your daily life.  His teaching method allows you to get an understanding and gain wisdom from learning God's word.  Greater Faith Ministries and Schools is built on a foundation of greater faith in God and His Word, His Will and His Way.  

As a church family we engage in constant fellowship in weekly, monthly and annual activities and events for everyone to be blessed by.  Some of the ongoing weekly and annual activities at GFM are our, monthly Youth Activities, Men's Group Meetings, Brotherhood & Deacon sessions, Annual Church Anniversary, Annual Resurrection Sunday Sunrise Breakfast, Annual Women of Color Service, Feed The Hungry Program, Annual Church Fellowship in the Park and our Pastor & First Lady Appreciation Service.  

Everyone is invited to attend any activity at Greater Faith and we encourage all to come out and fellowship with us. Learn more about Greater Faith by clicking on History 1 or History 2, or take a look at us in our Photo Gallery as we enjoy ourselves in the Lord.

​​Greater Faith Ministries and Schools

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