Don't Die In The Winter.....Your Season Is Coming

​​Galatians 6:9  


Living on the west coast it is hard to imagine snowfall, temperatures of 13 degrees and certainly not hurricanes or ice on the roads. In sunny southern California, the sun shines nearly year round and our winter season consists of 80 degree weather and the sun shining bright on Christmas Day morning. On the east coast and in other parts of the world, the winter season can be brutal and if you are not prepared for it, it can be deadly.

​In our lives, we too have winter seasons. Some are mild winters, similar to a southern California winter and some are as deadly as being snowed in for weeks in Buffalo, NY., which is one of the coldest winter cities in America. Our winter season is designed specifically for us by God. Some of us ask for severe weather winters, when we extend to God the opening of our heart to ask Him to use you to do His Will and not yours. When we ask this, God sees that He can willingly use us to do specific tasks. So He has to put you through the test to make sure He can trust you, believe in you and completely use you to do the task He has for you to do. I told God to use me for something special and that whatever it was I was willing and ready for the challenge. My winter was severe with extreme health challenges, putting my breakout career on hold to deal with my health challenge and devastating financial misery.  All which stretched my faith to the brink of snapping. But for some reason I knew I had to hold on. It says in Galatians 6:9,  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. You've  got to hold on.

My challenges seemed to big to overcome or come back from, until I was given a book to read entitled, Don't Die In The Winter....Your Season Is Coming! by Dr. Millicent Hunter. This book changed my life, because it changed my view of my situation and what I was going through. It showed me why I was going through such a severe winter season and how if I just hold on, my winter would soon be over because my season was coming. During my winter season, my health challenge was the greatest of the 3 evils that I was encountering in my winter, but in the midst of that health challenge, I got busy. I did a lot of research on my condition and gathered a lot of information about what I was dealing with and put together a concise health recovery plan that enabled me to stay on top of my condition, with the outlook of a full recovery. I also read every health and healing scripture I could find in the Bible, to encourage me toward my deliverance. Isaiah 54:17, Luke 8:48, Matthew 16:18, Jeremiah 30:17, Psalms 118:17, Matthew 12:15, Isaiah 58:8, just a few that empowered me everyday.  And in the long run I was able to share my findings with people who were facing a similar or the same health challenge I had. The information I gathered was universal and could help them all to get through their winter health challenge.  I began to realize why God had me go through this, because I had to help others who are going through the same thing. Now I am glad to continue on this journey, because it will enable me to help others travel down this road as well and have a better view of moving forward with God. If you are facing a challenge that has you in your winter season, take heed that this too, soon shall pass. It is just a winter and winter doesn't last forever. Even Antarctica's winter comes to an end! 

So stay on track with what you are going through. Look to God for His infinite guidance, trust in Him, believe in Him and never lose faith in Him for your deliverance. Whether, health, finances, family, career or whatever winter challenge you face, know that if God is in control and He has control of this. Let Him do with you what needs to be done so that you can fully fulfill the task He has for you. Don't cut your winter short with complaining or by getting weary and giving up. Stay Strong and Encouraged to keep going and...…..

Don't Die In The Winter....Your Season is Coming

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