If  there's something strange in your neighborhood,

Who You Gonna Call?.... Ghostbusters!


In 1984, a blockbuster movie came out titled, "Ghostbusters", starring Dan Ankroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson. They were four paranormal scientists who developed high-tech equipment capable of capturing ghosts and evil spirits and storing them in a man-made ghost-proof containment unit.  When people found out about what they could do, whenever they faced an evil ghostly spirit, they would call on the "Ghostbusters" to come and rescue them and capture the ghost.  The movie made $295 million dollars worldwide and spawned 3 sequels, with the latest version starring 4 women as the highly sot after paranormal eliminators.

​In many ways this is a reflection of our daily lives as we walk the Christian path.  We experience attacks from evil spirits in nearly every aspect of our life, all the time. And like the movie when we encounter an evil spirit we tend to call upon man to come and rescue us from their clutches. Evil spirits attack us in various ways, through illnesses in our bodies, robbing us of our finances, problems on the job, trouble with our spouses, discord with our children or family members, car repeatedly breaking down and in our spirit with making you doubt God's love for you. It's always something. And when these things happen, who do we call...... "Ghostbusters".  We call our Ghostbuster doctors to prescribe us medication, our Ghostbuster girlfriends or homies to tell us what to do about our troubled spouses, our Ghostbuster payday loan institution to get us a quick financial fix at 125% apr, and some of us even write in to "Ask Steve" Harvey what to do. Well, let me tell you that Ghostbusters can only trap the evil spirit and contain them temporarily. It's like putting a band aid on a bullet wound. Eventually, they will break free and the problem will return and this time it is 7xs worse than the previous situation. 

​When life attacks you, and you are looking to truly be delivered from your situation, condition or circumstance, you need to call on the only one who fix any situation and fix it for good. JESUS! The Prince of Peace, the Lion of Judah, the Almighty Messiah, the Son of God, JESUS! There is something about the name Jesus that makes demons tremble in their boots and sends them running in all directions. See only Jesus knows what to do, how to do it, where to do it, when to do it, and why to do it.  Jesus can turn around any situation that the enemy puts you in and deliver you from any stronghold that may be upon you. Even to shout out the name Jesus, gives you the upperhand over the enemy, because he knows what's coming next. You will begin to pray, praise and worship the LORD, and call upon the name of Jesus to deliver you from your captivity.

​There is absolutely something in the name of Jesus. Romans 10:31, says, "Everyone that calls upon the name of the LORD, will be saved". Only Jesus can save you, and only Jesus loved you enough to save you from your own sins, so you know He will save you from the enemy that attacks you. Many scriptures tell us to call upon the name of the LORD, 1 Corinthians 1:2, Psalms 116:4, 1 Kings 18:24 and Joel 2:32 and the reason is because Jesus is our help when we need it, our protector in times of attack and our Savior when we call upon his name.  So, the next time you are being attacked, because that is all it is, an attack, just look to the hills from which commeth your help, cause your "help" is only going to come from the LORD.


If there is something strange in your life, who you gonna call...Ghostbusters!.....NO, JESUS!

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