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Trusting in God is more than just saying,

"God , I trust you". 

As children of God, we have an obligation to follow Him in every way. By studying the word daily, praying without ceasing, constantly communing with God so that He can guide our every move and direct our paths.  

But it is not only seeking Him, there should be a great desire in our hearts to want to follow God and be more like Him. It is a yearning burning desire to really want what God has for you. When you open yourself to His will in your life, you enable yourself to learn the truth of His word, to get an understanding of His word, so that like the disciple that you are, you can share the truth about the word with others so they too can learn about God and His grace.

We live in a society today where people are accepting everything that is being thrown at them. This is not the way God intended for us to receive Him. The enemy tempts us with his tricks, influences us with crafty ways and uses our weaknesses against us to turn us away from the true word of God, But if you have God in your heart and seek Him, the enemies tricks won't work against you. God will prepare a table before you in the presence of the enemy and he won't be able to get you. He will still try, but he won't prevail.  It is through His word, our faith in His word and the truth of His word that we are to be made whole. Pray to God and ask Him for His divine guidance and direction. Never lean to your own understanding. God will fight your battles and defeat the enemy in the process. 

The desire of your heart should be to desire to serve Him.

Words of Inspiration

Prayer Changes Things