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Are You Walking in  Godly Grace?

God has an abundant provision of grace, power and blessings for the deepest needs of every person.  Whatever your needs might be, He had the power, love and compassion that you need in your unique situation. If you are overwhelmed with sorrow, He offers to embrace you in the darkness until the light shines through. If you are threatening to snap under pressure, He promises to renew your strength like that of an eagle.

If you are walking in Godly Grace, then you have the same attributes as God does. He walks in patience, temperance, kindness and peace, which allows joy to flow through us and unto others. You don't have to think about what to say to others or what to do in any situation. Learn how to believe in God's grace, see in God's grace, walk in God's grace, speak through God's grace, hear God's grace speaking to you, and have joy and be happy in God's grace. For His grace is sufficient for all circumstances. Ask God what would you have me to do because of your grace? When the future looks uncertain to you, He promises to walk the road with you.  If changes are unsettling you, He offers you the courage to work through them. No matter what situation you find yourself in, he comes to meet you to show you grace and to offer you His help.

Meet God anew today in His inexpressible Grace.

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Prayer Changes Things