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What are you going to do to get your blessing from God and when you get it, what will you do.

God has made a covenant with Himself for us all to be partakers of. He makes a vow to bless man, which is the covenant He established and then gave it to man. His covenant was given to Abraham, Noah, Moses, David and Jesus Christ.  Since we are all desendants of these great men of God, the covenant passes down to us as well.  Did you know that? 

Most people do not even know the privileges that have been promised to us through the covenants the LORD has made with these men. When the covenant was made it was put into place for all of us to share in the privileges that come with it.  It is in our best interest to learn what the promises of the covenant are, so that we too can benefit from their blessings.

What are you willing to do as a humble servant of God to get in His good graces. His grace is sufficient for our daily existance, but His good graces come from our being blessed from our obedience to Him which He is well pleased with us.  Can you say this is you?  If not, what are you willing to do to get there? And when you get there, what will you do with it?

It is our reasonable sacrifice to humble ourselves to do the task that God has for us. When we are willing to do it, He is well pleased. When we don't???  When God has blessed you for your obedience, what are you going to do with that blessing?  Pay it forward, or keep it for yourself?

What are you going to do? 

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